Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to the Strategic Adviser blog

In this blog, four strategists -- Patrick Crowley, John Jay Fossett, Maureen Donnellon, and Jeffrey Sanders -- will provide their thoughts and ideas on four different subject matters within their areas of expertise.

Crowley, a former newspaper reporter at the Cincinnati Enquirer and other publications who is now a principal at Strategic Advisers, will write a blog about policy and politics.

Fossett -- a former journalist, lawyer, and city administrator who is now a principal at Strategic Advisers -- will write a blog about leadership and organizational issues.

Donnellon, a marketing and communications specialist with Strategic Advisers, creates and implements social media tactics that are integrated into new and existing marketing and public relations strategies.

Sanders, a former staff attorney with the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet, is an environmental lawyer in private practice in Covington, Kentucky.

Alternating days, these individuals will provide blog entries about thoughts, ideas, and new developments in their respective areas of expertise.

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