Wednesday, September 14, 2011

President Obama mentions Brent Spence Bridge in Congressional Address

Our firm, Strategic Advisers, LLC, works with the Bridge Builders Coalition, a group that includes the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Chambers of Commerce, OKI, and businesses, which is working together to obtain federal funding for a new bridge carrying traffic on I-75 and I-71 across the Ohio River. The current bridge, the Brent Spence Bridge, is functionally obsolete.

In his address to a Joint Session of Congress last week, President Obama specifically mentioned this bridge as an important infrastructure project that needs to be built. We produced a video about the president's comments and the need for a replacement and placed it on Youtube the next day. Here it is:

Isn't it time that our tax money is returned to our community for important projects like this rather than building bridges and roads in Afghanistan and Iraq? If you agree, let your Congressional representative know how you feel.

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